Makeup Artist Lifesaver – Battery Charger for Long Filming Shooting Days

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makeup artist lifesaver battery charger

PowerAdd Battery Charger – My Makeup Artist Lifesaver

Show business is notorious for long hours associated with film and tv productions.  And yes, the term “Hurry up and wait” can be applied to almost every day that I’m working on a set.  Working as a makeup artist you can be subjected to shooting outside all day and changing locations several times.  Although it can be very exciting and fun, there is an element of unpredictability that comes with shooting at different locations.  The combination of a location not having a great cell signal which wears your battery down even faster, can be a recipe for a dead phone on set.  There is nothing worse than losing your ability to communicate while you’re working.  We have families, children, spouses, agents, and managers that we have to stay in contact with.  It can be torture as a freelancer knowing your phone is off and you might be missing out on the call or email for your next big gig.  The lipstick sized battery chargers have been out for a some time now, and yes they are great in a pinch.  I wanted a solution with a little more power and dual outlets that had the ability to charge 2 devices at once, and fast!  Enter the Poweradd charger   which has become my makeup artist lifesaver!  I ordered it through Amazon. It’s small enough to fit in my set bag, and it will charge my phone up to 3-4 times with a single charge, and it will charge my ipad twice.  I’m very impressed with its performance.  This little guy will be a staple in my makeup set bag for quite awhile!  Eventually I would like to upgrade to a quick charge battery unit.  I’m still a little concerned with the lack of “anti-explosive technology” options for the quick charging products.  Be careful when selecting a portable battery charger, read the reviews to make sure it isn’t a fire hazard.



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Article Name
Makeup Artist Lifesaver - Battery Charger for Long Filming Shooting Days
Makeup artist lifesaver battery charger for set life and shooting locations, portable powerful cell phone and tablet charger for my set bag.
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Two time Emmy nominated Atlanta Makeup Artist Kathleen Marsh's passion for makeup began at an early age with a love for fashion, beauty, and the power of transformation with makeup. She’s known for her work on a range of productions and projects including print photography, HD tv commercials, music videos, catalogs, magazine editorials, corporate events, business portraits, and high def television series. She ensures her clients receive flawless, consistent makeup artistry and hairstyling that fits her clients needs for on-camera and live events. Since 2002, she has worked as a makeup & hair artist and maintained a broad variety of photo print clients including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Delta, Holiday Inn, Kimberly Clark, Southern Company, and Slimfast. She has been a celebrity makeup artist published in Men’s Fitness, GQ, People Magazine, Redbook, Rolling Stone Magazine and Time Inc. Her TV series work includes HGTV, the Cooking Channel, PBS, and Fox Sports. She has an enthusiasm for working on productions and being part of the team in the creative process. She’s passionate about helping clients look their absolute best and pays attention to highlighting their natural beauty.

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