Don’t be Afraid – Eyebrow Marker Review

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One of my new favorite makeup items in my makeup kit is the eyebrow marker.  I’ve been using it a lot on whomever is sitting in my makeup chair, and inevitably I get the “What product are you using?” question, followed by an uneasy look of “Really, a marker?”.  Yes, the term “eyebrow marker” sounds like something that every makeup artist should stay far far away from.  My clients love the results.  We all strive for even, perfect, defined brows.   In a perfect world, our eyebrows would be symmetrical twins when we roll out of bed.  In reality, we usually have a good brow, and one that sometimes resembles it’s better behaving counterpart.  The key to this product’s usability is the pigment and it’s long lasting formula.  It’s not so dark that it creates a look that is drawn on, and not too light to fail at creating definition where it’sshopping needed.  Typically I use these markers in conjunction with an eyebrow powder to create the perfect natural brow, minus the waxy look of a pencil.  I have found the marker is great for outlining shape, and defining areas that need a little encouragement.  Two great brands to check out are NYX Eyebrow Marker and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow PenMedium and Universal Light  are my go-to for blondes and natural brunette day time brows.  Deep is great for brunettes and more dramatic looks.




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